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Robert John Todd, Jr.
Low Brass Instructor


Lesson Policies

During our lessons we will be working on improving many different aspects of your playing.  We will begin each lesson with playing through some warm-ups for low brass players. This will help improve your tone quality and sound. We will also work on the etudes and other works I assigned to you the week before.  I will talk with your band directors and will be working in conjunction with them, so we will work on your band music as well.  Should you choose to enter a regional competition, I will help you prepare what is required.  We will usually end the lesson with a duet to improve your sight reading skills.


While I will take students on a week to week basis,  I have found that a monthly signup is more convenient for both my students and myself, for both scheduling and payments.  My rate is $50 for a 60 minute lesson.

I require a 24 hour notice if you are going to cancel your lesson.  If you call me less than 24 hours prior to your lesson time, you may still be charged for that lesson.

In the event that you stay home sick from school during the day, have your parents call me at home, and let me know that you are unable to come to your lesson.  I will not charge for this.  However, if you don’t call me to tell me that you’re not coming to the lesson, I will charge you.

Inform me as soon as you know that you have a conflict with a lesson time (sports, musical rehearsal, etc.), and I can try to rearrange my schedule, so you don’t have to miss your lesson.  Sending someone to tell me right before your lesson doesn't count, as this obviously gives me no time to reschedule the rest of my day.  Calling me right before your lesson time also doesn't count, as I am teaching at that time and don’t have access to my messages while I’m teaching.

Coming to your lesson on time is important.  If you are late, your lesson time will be reduced because I must start the next student’s lesson at their assigned time.

I look forward to a good year of progress,


Mr. Robert Todd, Jr



Below are some materials that I work with. 

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